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The Importance of Toys and Play in Children's Development

The importance of toys and child’s play is vital to psychological, social, physical development of children.You just realize how important that is when parents who seclude their children into mingling with other children and realized in the end their kids doesn’t have the enough social skills to get along well with others.

My sister and I were thinking of something to give Glenn and Kevin, our nephews, a gift this coming Christmas. At the outset, I set the expectation that I won’t be giving them anything that is tied to violence such as guns, soldier toys and all that. I want something that stimulates their mind and hone them into becoming somebody that embraces sportmanship or brotherhood.

And because I was too heroic (LOL), I gave them dominoes and a basketball set which they can play together. These innocent child game is fun to play and you can even join them while they’re playing. It just frustrates me when they finally knock all of them after an hour and a half of hard continued and non stop hardwork. =) Kidding.

Games help children develop their social skills by allowing them to communicate with their peers and learn how to collaborate in the performancde of the game. Somehow, I can relate it to the old adage, “All work and no play makes John a dull boy.”

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