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One Step to Getting Rid of Plastic Use

So mom and I agreed that we will limit the use of plastics and decry, if not refuse them, when we do grocery or go to the market. We don’t have a car so I ask mom to go to the market frequently to buy fresh food and stock some in the freezer.

I think that what hinders people from stopping the use of plastic is the lame laws we create for people to follow. When we want laws to be implemented like this one, we may want to tell right into the face of the public to stop its use, implement a good strategy for a replacement, and observe how the plan goes as it develops. I mean, we just can’t tell people to STOP using plastic without giving them alternatives. That’s probably what some of our politicians lack – brain.

Use Eco-Bag

SM and Puregold sell eco-bag to discourage the use of plastics

So here I took a picture of mom’s ecobag from SM. She has been using it for 3 months now and so far it serves us well. It’s durable thinking that I only bought it for PHP35.00 (buy one take one!). Don’t come to me saying that you can’t do what I do just because you’re poor. Poverty is not the root of the problem, it’s the bad CULTURE that we Filipinos nurtured in our system ever since.

Never implement change right in the upper level but to the most basic unit of our society – the family. If we show to our children that we carry on our lives and feed them with dignity and from good source, then they’ll take on that values and will do the same when they get to have their own family. But if we teach them to be CORRUPT, teaching them the very same values our local politicians are doing, they’ll grow up the same.

So start doing the change in your own backyard and you’ll see your community grow.

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  • reply Yj ,

    Don’t come to me saying that you can’t do what I do just because you’re poor.

    dahil baka masampal kita!!! akala ko ganyan ang kasunod na pangungusap.


    but i agree… no to plastic bags. yes to condoms…. ay YES TO RECYCLING pala!

    • reply Jules ,

      haha! I almost said that 😉

    • reply Mike ,

      well well, i agree that plastics should be replaced… But… The alternatives?… your saying those eco bags… well i’m a buisnessman and plastics are cheap than those eco bags… those eco bags are not free, they are purchased by customers.. while plastics? well they are free.. most people want free.. but the thing is as a buisnessman i want to make my customers happy… i don’t want to say to them “hey plastics no good buy this 35 peso eco bag”… i agree that we need alternative… but that alternative must means “cheap like plastic and capable to load heavier items like 20kgs just like plastic”… if you put an alternative that is way expensive than the old one, then it just a hard sell to people especially filipino’s who likes cheap..

      i say before you ban plastics then give us an alternative that is not just environmentally worthy but also financially cheaper worthy replacements for plastic..

      • reply Jules ,

        Well, I respect your opinion. But we all have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and move away from the old practice of using plastics which takes millions of years to decay even if that means buying this cheap eco bags.

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