Save Philippine Corals, Save US!

by JM on June 8, 2011 ·

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Save the Philippine Seas!

The recent expose and raid of illegal activities of some unscrupulous businessmen in the Philippines involving coral trade and wanton killing of marine animals, dried, and sold abroad was a shocking revelation to the local and International Community. The media expose was a punch in the face to all of us because most of us knew that these things happen but we sometimes do not care nor the authorities do not act to protect our marine resources from this abominable plunder. THIS HAS TO STOP!

The corals form part of the reef structures which are home to many minute marine living organisms where most of the big fishes and animals living in the ocean depend for sustenance. Corals serve as a barometer to the changing climate, ocean levels, and pollution. We have advanced so much in pharmacology due in part to the substances we get from many species of corals. These have offered cure to many diseases which all of us, even the ocean plunderers and their families, have suffered in the past but allowed us to survive, thanks to corals.

Pain blocking substances, drugs to treat certain forms of cancer, and even HIV/AIDS comes from corals and many of the notorious killer diseases could be cured using them. But the indirect yet continued degradation of marine habitat and the direct bastardization of these species to serve the caprice of the few for jewels, accessories, and entertainment has taken its toll in our oceans and we can now see that many of the species of corals have declined and are threatened to be driven towards extinction.

Corals support marine life and their death signals the eventual death of animals that depend on them including humanity. Killing corals kills people and this is a direct assault to our responsibility as humans to protect all living species on earth for us to continue to perpetuate on this planet. We need them as much as they need us so you b*stards (coral plunderers) better get that to your tiny brains!

We call on the government to level up its efforts to persecute the criminals who destroy the marine ecosystem and protect corals from eventual destruction. Spread the word. PROTECT PHILIPPINE CORALS!

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